Pho History

Pho is Vietnamese most popular comfort food, originated from Northern Vietnam dating back over 100 years ago. With the migration of Vietnamese to America 30 years ago, Pho has captured the fascination of so many people in the USA because of its deceptive simplicity and its complex flavors.
Pho Xpress is happy to be able to share our secret Pho recipe and serve delicious Vietnamese dishes with everyone in and around Winnie, Texas.

Best Dishes

Something for everyone

Family Dining

Something for Everyone


Enjoy our popular appetizers like egg rolls, spring rolls, egg soup, wonton soup, fried wonton, Vietnamese sandwich.

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Besides the ever satisfying bowl of Pho, we also have some of the best vermicelli, fried rice, noodles, Cajun.

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The best meal can't be complete without some delicious and refreshing smoothie or a well-known cup of Vietnamese coffee.

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